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Khufu Reign Cultural Investor

Welcome to Reignwater, a world creation & consulting firm.

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do.

What  is  Reignwater?

Founded by Khufu Reign (@Khufu on Instagram & @WhatsAKhufu on Twitter), Reignwater explores the multi-faceted implementation techniques required to get a concept from the idea stage to a tangible creation. As with the water cycle of nature, Reignwater can facilitate growth at any stage of your business.

What  is  a Khufu?

To define a person is limiting, as the true nature of a person extends far beyond what any summary can provide. A biography may say: Khufu (koo-foo) Reign is a Brooklyn born renaissance man & lover of innovation. A talent manager, developer, producer & engineer whose passion drives his decision on projects of which he is a part.